Protect Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Cayce, SC

Leventis Law Firm is a trusted firm in the Cayce, SC area with 40+ years of experience. If you are looking for a seasoned criminal defense attorney in the area, call us.

Our firm offers personalized legal services and honest advice. If you are facing serious criminal charges, our criminal defense lawyers can help you navigate the situation.

Call today and see how Leventis Law Firm can help. 

Get Representation You Can Rely On

  • Civil Law: Work with a civil attorney experienced in civil litigation and court procedures. 
  • Felonies: Leventis Law Firm helps clients fight their felony charges. If your arrest was a mistake, we could help you. 
  • DUI: Minimize repercussions and avoid jail time by working with an experienced DUI lawyer. 
  • Drugs: If you have been charged with drug possession, our drug crime lawyer can help you build a solid defense.
  • Weapons: It is your constitutional right to own and carry a weapon. If you have a firearm and have violated South Carolina’s weapons laws, call our firm. 
  • Sex Crimes and Domestic Assault: These are serious crimes that can alter your personal and professional life. Build a strong defense and protect your future with our help.
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Reach Out to a Criminal Defense Lawyer Now

Get in touch with Leventis Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in the Cayce, SC area. Leventis Law Firm will represent you in court, walk you through your rights, and help you ensure a fair outcome. Call now to speak to a lawyer.

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