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Drug crimes are very serious and can mean big fines and prison time, so if you’ve been arrested contact a heroin possession lawyer quickly.
Sometimes you’re just at the wrong place at the wrong time. We understand that. You deserve a strong legal defense that goes toe-to-toe with the prosecutor. We can help.

If you’ve been arrested on a heroin possession charge, then you need a skilled and sophisticated legal defense. An aggressive heroin possession attorney can look for ways to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and create doubt in the minds of jury members. Choosing the right defense attorney can mean the difference between being acquitted, getting a lighter sentence or spending years in prison.

Our heroin possession attorneys at The Leventis Law Firm believe that you deserve to be considered innocent until proven otherwise. We understand that there are two sides to every story, and there are often extenuating circumstances. We will show you respect and listen to you. We will create an aggressive defense based on the facts. For a free initial consultation, contact a heroin possession lawyer at (803) 256-0113.

Why Do I Need a Heroin Possession Attorney?


It takes a special kind of lawyer to investigate a drug crime, gather necessary evidence and construct an aggressive and powerful defense. Such a lawyer cannot be intimidated if they want to succeed. They must be tough, unflinching and sophisticated. Not all lawyers are made of this kind of stuff. A tax attorney is fine if you have a tax problem. Not so if you face a drug charge. Make sure you choose a Columbia, South Carolina heroin possession attorney that knows their way around a courthouse and doesn’t back down.

How Do I Choose the Best Heroin Lawyer for Me?

  • This is an important question. Be wise and do your homework. All lawyers are not created equal. Spend some time on a law firm’s website and read attorneys’ bios, see what kind of cases they handle, and review what other clients have to say about them.
  • Are the attorneys smart and aggressive? Do they have a track record of success? Do they return phone calls quickly or place clients on hold? These are all important questions to ask.
  • The way a heroin possession attorney treats his clients says a lot about what kind of man he is. Choose an attorney that is respectful, concerned, committed. And skilled.

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

  • When drugs are involved, things can get really out of hand really fast. You may have been at a party or a passenger in someone’s car when heroin shows up.
  • The drugs aren’t yours. You’re just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not your fault. We understand that this happens, and innocent people can get arrested in all the chaos.
  • The important thing is to use the facts to create a version of events that is different than the prosecutors'. Show ways that prove you are not the one breaking the law. A skilled heroin attorney can build a defense with these things in mind. There are always two sides to every story.

Don’t settle for being just a name on a file.

Get the skilled legal defense that you deserve. You are innocent until proven guilty. Hire a heroin possession attorney who believes this and is willing to fight for you.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Columbia Marijuana Possession Lawyer?

If you’re thinking about representing yourself in court, think again. When you’re headed into a fight, you don’t want one hand tied behind your back. You’d better believe a tough and experienced prosecutor knows the ropes and will aggressively work to convict you. Don’t take chances with your future. Don’t let one bad decision now affect you for the rest of your life.

By hiring an experienced, highly trained marijuana possession lawyer in Columbia, SC, you have a relentless advocate on your side. A lawyer will craft a strong defense and argue it effectively. Don’t go it alone. For a free initial consultation about your marijuana possession case, call Joe Leventis at (803) 256-0113.

A Strong Defense/

The Columbia, South Carolina heroin possession attorneys at The Leventis Law Firm have decades of experience and a winning track record with drug cases.  We leave no stone unturned in creating a strong defense on your behalf.  We will gather evidence, interview witnesses and craft a meaningful version of events.  Contact us at (803) 256-0113 for a free conversation about your situation.

How Much Does a Heroin Possession Attorney Cost?/

Every case is different, depending on the amount of heroin involved and whether the drug was for personal use or for sale and distribution.  Generally, the larger the quantity of drugs and the more complex the facts, the more an attorney will cost because it takes more time to mount an aggressive defense.  Some attorneys bill by the hour and others may offer a flat fee for a particular crime.  Generally, a Columbia, South Carolina heroin possession lawyer’s fee will be determined by the attorney’s professional standing and the amount of time and labor involved in your defense.  For a more specific estimate of the cost of your defense, call (803) 256-0113.

What Are My Potential Defenses?/

Unlawful Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens protection against “unlawful search and seizure.”  This is a common defense in heroin possession cases.  Drugs found in “plain sight,” like on the passenger seat in a routine traffic stop, can be used as evidence.  However, if the heroin was in the locked trunk and police had to force it open without the owner’s consent, then the evidence is non-admissible.

Drugs Belong to Someone Else

This is a very straightforward defense in which a person claims that the drugs seized belonged to someone other than the defendant.  For example, your attorney might argue that a neighbor brought heroin into your home without your knowledge.

Crime Lab Analysis

The substance may look like heroin, but your attorney can require that the prosecutor prove it by sending it for a crime lab analysis.  The substance then must be transported to a lab and the lab technician must testify to the findings.

Missing Drugs

Drugs seized at a crime scene pass through several hands and locations on their way to the evidence room.  If the evidence is mishandled, lost or otherwise tainted, this can be a successful defense by your attorney.

Drugs Were Planted

Your attorney can argue that there was police misconduct and the drugs were actually planted on your person or in your environment.  This is a difficult defense to make because it directly flies in the face of testimony by police and must be proved.


In this instance, a heroin possession attorney argues that law enforcement induced a defendant to do something that he or she would not have done on their own.  The argument suggests that the defendant was manipulated by police into committing a crime.


Contact a Heroin Lawyer Now

Columbia, SC heroin possession lawyerYou don’t have to go it alone and face the criminal justice system by yourself. You have an ally in a heroin possession attorney. The best time to go to work on your defense is right now! Don’t delay. While the facts are fresh and things are still fluid, get in there and hire a heroin lawyer who is not afraid to fight. The longer you wait, the more time the prosecutor has to build a case against you. Don’t give a prosecutor the upper hand! We understand that sometimes you’re just at the wrong place at the wrong time or the evidence has been misinterpreted and misconstrued. At The Leventis Law Firm, our heroin lawyers will not rest until we’ve built a powerful defense for you and faced your opponents head on. For a free initial consultation about your case, contact us at (803) 256-0113.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Columbia, SC Drug Defense Lawyer?/

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