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If you have been arrested or charged with a drug offense, you need an experienced hands-on drug crime lawyer in Columbia, SC who can work to get your charges reduced or thrown out or can negotiate a lighter sentence. Attorney Joe Leventis has worked with many clients who found themselves in similar situations and he knows the ropes. He understands that sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he knows that sometimes the drugs belong to a friend, not you.

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Hire the Best Drug Defense Lawyer

Getting caught with drugs can feel like an impossible situation, but you need to know that you have rights. Even if the evidence seems to be stacked against you, you still have the right to a fair trial and the help of a lawyer. There are laws in place governing what the police are allowed to do when arresting someone for drug charges; if any of your rights were violated, your charges may be invalid.


Working with a drug defense lawyer in Columbia, SC from the Leventis Law Firm will help you find these types of issues so you can build a solid defense.

A knowledgeable Columbia, SC drug charge lawyer is ready to fight for you. We have helped many who faced the sobering reality of drug crimes charges build a defense and successfully defend their rights. No matter how serious your charges may be, we will fight for you and help you understand your rights.

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We Are Experienced Drug Crimes Attorneys

At Leventis Law Firm, we are advocates for our clients, but we also offer other forms of support at a time when they have likely been unfairly judged or scrutinized by many other people in their lives. 

If you’ve ever faced a drug charge, then you know how quickly friends’ and family members’ attitudes can change towards you. It’s a great comfort to know that you have an ally that will always act in your best interest without judgment or bias.

At the Leventis Law Firm, we do everything within our power to lessen the damage and look for advantages in your case.

As a trusted criminal defense law firm in Columbia, SC, we serve clients in these areas:

  • Lexington, SC
  • Sumter, SC

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