Facing a DUI arrest in Columbia, SC can leave you feeling frightened and unsure.

The realities of jail time and hefty fines, not to mention the suspension of your driver's license and the embarrassment that the entire process brings, are all penalties you will have to reckon with. No matter the circumstances of your arrest, it will come with consequences that you will have to face, and those consequences can be overwhelming.

As you deal with the realities of a DUI arrest, you probably have several questions.

These questions range from whether your arrest was fair to what your options are and how much the entire process will end up costing. You may also find yourself wondering how you will get to work without a license, and how far-reaching the consequences will be.

To get accurate, realistic answers to these important questions, you need the help of a Columbia, SC DUI defense attorney. Joe Leventis with the Leventis Law Firm, LLC is ready to help you understand your options and your rights as you move forward after a DUI arrest. The team at the Leventis Law Firm will also help you understand how to build a solid defense if you decide to fight your DUI charges.


First, contact a DUI attorney and don't say anything you don't have to say to authorities. Just like you've seen in film and television, anything you say can and will be used against you. Comply with the police and be respectful, but if you are placed under arrest, immediately tell the authorities that you want to call your DUI defense attorney and wait for them before you do anything else.


There are several different ways the authorities can test a driver's impairment. Your breath, blood, urine and saliva can all be tested for substances ranging from alcohol to illegal drugs.

You can legally refuse to take a sobriety test, but the DUI related penalties you face will often be much harsher than they would be if you complied. A refusal does make proving intoxication more difficult, but your refusal can also be used against you in your prosecution in a DUI case.


Anyone can represent themselves in our legal system, but this is never recommended. Even the most skilled attorney will hire another lawyer if they face civil or criminal charges. It's difficult for someone representing himself or herself in a DUI case to remain objective and maintain credibility in front of a judge and jury.

More important, the average citizen has a limited understanding of our DUI laws and court system. It's vital to seek out an experienced Columbia, SC DUI lawyer as soon as you suspect that you will be facing charges. An attorney can keep you informed about DUI laws related to your case and be proactive in formulating a DUI defense. Regardless of how intelligent or competent you are, don't fall prey to the idea that you should be your own advocate in court. Call DUI attorney Joe Leventis today at (803) 256-0113 for a free initial conversation.


A DUI defense lawyer in Columbia, SC plays one of the most important roles in our justice system. He is an advocate for people who have been charged with drunk driving, using drugs while driving or getting behind the wheel when using other intoxicants. A DUI attorney possess a deep knowledge of the state's drunk driving laws and knows his way around a courtroom. DUI attorneys look for opportunities to lessen or eliminate charges facing their clients.

The legal system can be complicated and fraught with potential for self-incrimination, especially in DUI cases. Your actions and words can be twisted and used against you, causing your case great harm. An experienced Columbia, SC DUI attorney will not only build the best possible defense on your behalf, but he will also help you avoid making costly mistakes. Contact our office for a free initial consultation about your case.

If you have been arrested in South Carolina on suspicion of DUI, you need to understand that you don't have to accept the charges. In fact, a long list of rules governs how a police officer can arrest someone for DUI, and if any one of these regulations is not followed correctly, you have the right to fight the charges. To do this, you need a Columbia, SC DUI defense attorney who has a clear understanding of these regulations and how to build your defense.

The Leventis Law Firm understands how DUI charges can affect you. Our DUI defense lawyers are ready to look at the details of your case to find the strongest position for your defense, so you can start fighting for your reputation, right to drive and future. If you or someone you love has been accused of DUI, please contact The Leventis Law Firm at (803) 256-0113 right away to start building your defense.