Partner With a Sex Crime Attorney in Columbia, SC

At Leventis Law Firm, we work with determination and to handle each individual case with extreme confidentiality and care. 

If you are looking for a sex crime attorney in Columbia, SC, we are able to act as your trusted advisor during every step of the process. 

As your lawyers, we aim to protect your interests and build a strong case in the courtroom.

We Don't Give in From the Pressure of the Media

Public opinion takes a big role during this type of case, as your sex crime lawyer, we focus on protecting your best interests without giving in to the pressure from the media. Accusations can have life-shattering effects on the accused. Besides the possibility of facing years to decades in prison, there’s the social stigma associated with the label of “sex offender” that will could follow your entire life. Our sex crime defense attorneys have experience managing challenging cases and face each one with tireless determination.

The state of South Carolina recognizes a variety of illegal behaviors, illegal sexual acts, and activities. These offenses range in severity.

Our firm can handle the following:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Date rape
  • Lewd conduct
  • Assault with intent to commit sexual acts
  • Prostitution

Sex offenses vary in terms of severity. Therefore, penalties can range from misdemeanors with a few years in jail to serious felony charges resulting in 30 years in prison.

sex crime attorney service in sumter sc

We Focus on Protecting Your Interests

It is essential to work alongside a sex crime attorney to receive guidance. Contact your trusted attorney as soon as you learn you are under investigation or after being arrested. At Leventis Law Firm, we have a thorough understanding of Columbia, SC law and know the intricacies of our justice system. Our expertise gives us a deep understanding of the process and the law on both sides, allowing us to build a strong defense on your behalf. Being charged with sex crimes could stigmatize you for a long time, and a conviction can give you a mandatory listing on the public sex offender registry. This can affect your ability to live, work, and even travel. Get dependable legal help today.

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