When most people picture crime, they think of violent offenses such as robbery or assault. Often, however, crime takes a more insidious - but still devastating - form.

As an alleged white collar criminal, you need strong legal representation. Your lawyer can play a transformative role in your criminal case. With the right attorney at your side, your case is far from hopeless. Let the Leventis Law Firm, LLC guide you through the pitfalls of the criminal justice process in South Carolina.

If you or someone you love and care about has been charged with embezzlement, The Leventis Law Firm embezzlement defense attorneys in South Carolina will work tirelessly and exhaust every avenue available to represent the defendant's best interest, every step of the way. We are passionate about fighting to defend our clients and have the experience and knowledge required to handle cases involving even the most grievous of criminal charges. Contact us by calling (803) 256-0113 or filling out our online contact form today to learn how we can help.